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Tunnel formwork
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Tunnel formwork


Tunnel formwork - this is an extremely functional modern system of steel formwork, which ensures the simultaneous filling of concrete walls and ceilings. Thanks to the use of advanced production technologies and high quality materials, tunnel formwork is one of the most durable and durable building systems.

The system of tunnel formwork involves 500 cycles of concrete pouring, depending on the operating conditions, which minimizes the cost of the formwork and maximizes the safety of the work. The surfaces of the formwork that come in contact with the concrete are made of sheet metal.

Tunnel formwork is used for the construction of houses with a monolithic structure (residential buildings, hospitals, hostels, etc.). Thanks to this system it is possible to fill the concrete of one storey building for one or two days, depending on the size of the structure.

Buildings constructed using a tunnel formwork system are economical, seismically resistant, with a minimization of miscalculations in the production of work and minimal labor costs for finishing work.

The use of tunnel formwork is economically profitable, because work is carried out with the involvement of a small number of skilled craftsmen, assistants and versatile workers, which significantly reduces labor costs and significantly accelerates the period of work on a construction site, which reduces the cost of financing construction in comparison with the use of traditional systems.

In addition, the tunnel formwork has several advantages:

  • With one set of formwork, concrete pouring on one floor is extremely fast - in one day.

  • Allows the creation of very strong and stable bearing structures, is most reliable in terms of resistance to strong winds and squalls, and also is earthquake resistant..

  • In the case of the use of construction scaffolds that supplement the formwork, the construction site achieves rather high results for safety in the performance of work.

  • Tunnel is a fire-resistant system.

  • With the help of a well-planned organization of work, implementation of work is ensured by the conveyor method, which significantly saves construction costs .

  • Provides the possibility of erection of buildings and structures to 40 floors through the more thorough pouring of concrete walls on the upper floors.

  • Provides a positive contribution to the protection of the environment without the need for wood.

  • Has a much lower cost of heating and ventilation compared to traditional constructions.


In 2016, the construction of a 9-storey multi-apartment building with 3 entrances, built on the latest European technology by casting monolith with the use of tunnel formwork in Varash (Kuznetsovsk), Rivne region, was completed. Customer - "Inkombud" Ltd.



The residential complex "Rivne Brama" is currently under construction (7 floors are built). It is located at: Rivne, Gagarina Street.

The complex consists of 12 sections of 9-11-storey residential buildings built on monolithic-frame technology of construction by casting monolith using tunnel formwork. Customer - Department of capital construction Rivne City Council.