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If construction is carried out on concrete, its types and grades are determined at the stage of project development. For various elements of building construction (foundations bearing walls, internal partitions, floors) different types and grades of concrete are used.

You can buy concrete of different grades and order its delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk and region at our subsidiary "Concrete-IF" (concrete plant).

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Areas of application of concrete in modern construction are constantly expanding. Wide perspectives of using high-strength concrete (heavy and light), as well as concrete with given physico-technical properties: low draft and mobility, frost resistance, durability, crack resistance, heat conductivity, heat resistance and protective properties of radioactive actions.

Heavy concrete is used in reinforced concrete and concrete structures, which require high strength and density.

Concrete B15 - is used mainly in the manufacture of concrete floor screed, foundations, tracks, etc. One of the commonly used concrete grades. In individual construction, the strength of concrete M-200 is quite enough to solve most of the construction tasks: tape, tiled foundations; manufacturing of concrete stairs, supporting walls, platforms, tracks, etc. This is a brand of often ordered concrete. Practically, the M-200 concrete is a sales leader. Concrete of the specified mark is used in road construction, as a concrete pillow and for installation of curbside.

Concrete B20 - is used mainly for the production of monolithic foundations, including tape, tiled; concrete pavements, paths, platforms, tapes of fences, stairs, retaining walls, low-loaded slabs, etc.

Concrete B25 - the most popular brand of concrete in modern commercial construction. In recent years, concrete M-350 - is on the leading position in the sale. This, above all, is associated with project requirements and tightening control over their implementation.

Concrete B25 - the mark of concrete M-300 is used in the production of stairways, marches, curbs, sidewalk slabs, the upper layer of high loaded roads, floor slabs, sewage wells and other responsible structures.

Concrete B30 - mainly used for the manufacture of bridge structures, hydro technical facilities, bank repositories, special housing stock and housing stock: columns, crossbars, beams, basins and other constructions with special requirements (brand M-350).