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Limited Liability Company
commercial enterprise

The company is headed by General Director Volkovetsky Stepan Mikhailovich. The company operates since October 2001 in the construction industry. In 2015 was founded a subsidiary company "Beton-IF".

During the activity in this area, the company created its own industrial base with the administrative-household complex, located in the Mykytyntsi village of Ivano-Frankivsk city council on the street Ukrainskyh Dekabrystiv 45.

In 2011, for the achieved indicators in the work, LLC CE «Standard-IF» was nominated for the action «Triumph» among construction companies of Ivano-Frankivsk.

We are constantly expanding the range of modern and advanced construction materials, and thanks to a team of highly skilled workers, we carry out the tasks assigned to us on a professional level.

The enterprise owns construction, vehicles and equipment.


The production of various products of building purposes has been introduced, which allows to satisfy both own needs and needs of consumers, in particular:

building ferro-concrete products (bearing and non-bearing bearing, foundation blocks, ladder marches, road curbs, etc.);

- heavy concrete of various brands;

- polystyrene concrete wall blocks and dry polystyrene concrete mixes for laying floorings in residential and public buildings.

More than 25 objects of residential, public and industrial use were built and put into operation, most of which were built using the technology of monolithic-frame construction.

Construction of its own multi-apartment residential buildings with built-in administrative and commercial premises on the Ukrainskyh Dekabrystiv, Topolina and Rebeta streets in Ivano-Frankivsk was completed.

Performed works on the reconstruction of the old building of the regional philharmonic society (III-IV quarter of 2011). The concert hall was completely restored, and a small hall was created for 70 spectators. The main hall now accommodates 420 spectators, the distance between rows is increased, as well as places for the disabled (in addition, a ramp on the side of the building is equipped).



Our company is capable of delivering earthwork and foundation work of various complexity levels. We deliver earthwork projects for our own construction projects as well as serving earthwork needs of various construction companies and local governments.  

Our earthwork projects experience includes, but not limited to:

water, sewer and gas pipelines, artificial lakes, adjustment of river banks, temporary river crossings, temporary roads, lime quarries, clay quarries, etc.

We also provide our equipment and skills to help our communities to recover from natural disasters like heavy snowfalls and spring floods.





We have a large fleet of equipment available for wet or dry hire.

1.Tower Cranes

2. Self-Propelled cranes

3. Buldozers

- small

- big

4. Excavators

- big

- small

5. Multipurpose tracktors and forklifts

- tracktors with non-metallic tracks (no damage to road surface)

- multi-purpose tracktors